Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Little Ones

Can you believe it? THEY ARE TWO! I remember it like it was yesterday that my doctor walked into the room and said are you ready to have some babies? What a loaded question. Of course I was ready. All the things in my life were so well orchestrated. I would just have two babies, and move on with life. Boy, was that any understatement! My life has never been the same, but I would not change a thing...So as I look back on two years with twins, here are some lessons I have learned...

1. Twins have unspoken rules like "You run that way and I will go this way! She cannot catch us both."
2. Pooping in the pool is a good time to a 2 year old.
3. My daughter could qualify for major league baseball if they used blueberries as a ball.
4. My son can find a way to get to every light switch in my house, even if he has to move his small table as the climbing object.
5. Babies are hard. No matter if you have 1, 2, or 10. Once I looked at my hubby and said "This would be so much easier with one." He looked back at me and said "A triplet mom would say the same about two." That changed my perspective on two babies.
6. Twin mommies are the best friends a girl can have. I am so blessed to be a part of such a special group of women.
7. I have never loved someone or something so much in my life. I know what it means to put your life before someone else's now.

So, happy birthday my little friends. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you can imagine!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We are getting close to TWO!

I cannot believe my sweet little ones are well on their way to two. I am just overwhelmed at how quickly they are growing. I have a question for all my friends out there (I think there are 6 of you? :) How do you make time to blog? How do you decide what to share and what not to for the whole internet world to see. I would love to be better at this because I think it is a great creative outlet. However, not sure where to start! Thanks and hopefully it will not be 6 months before I update this again.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So I am a Terrible Blogger

I am so bad to update my blog. I am still getting used to all the features of blogging. I just thought I would share L latest new thing she has learned. She has decided to eat like the pets. When I was feeding the twins tonight, she decided to pick up her plate and lick the sausage off. What a classy lady! I am going to try to be a better blogger. However for now, that is the latest in our group. What have your 14 month olds learned to do lately???

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twin Mommies

So it has become a little easier since November. I have met some very good friends who make me understand what I feel is normal. I am going to try to be a little better about making my blog a place to visit. It really helps to voice all of my worries and excitements other than the phone with my mom. I will just add a little picture of my Easter friends.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why Am I Here?

So I need an outlet and this is where I chose to go. I am a 30 year old mom, who has never not been the star at what I do. I was the perfect teacher, wife, friend, etc. I worked hard to be the perfectionist. However, this was all before the birth of Grant and Lauren. Being a mommy is the hardest thing that I have done in my life. Some days, I feel like I really am not good at it. This is really difficult to stomach since this will be the most important thing I do in my life.

I chose to begin to blog because of the comfort I have found in so many different blogs. From reading about the loss of children to other mothers feeling the same way, I have realized I am not that different from others. Also, I am so lucky to have two beautiful children when others are going through loss I could not imagine.

So here I am...